CCTV Building

Rem Koolhaas — CCTV Building


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The 54-story CCTV Building (China Central Television headquarters building), Chaoyang, Beijing, China, was designed by Rem Koolhaas/OMA, and was completed in May 2012. It is controversial and abandons the contemporary, older, and traditional ideas and ideals that exist in area, bringing in modernism and futuristic ideas into the developing country.

This building is a reinvention of the skyscraper, creating a “loop” instead of a towering object that pierces the sky. The project began in 2004, but caught fire in 2009 due to a fire caused by fireworks, creating a set back in construction, and thus was not completed until 2012. There are two towers of different heights, one tower being 234 meters and the other at 210 meters. One tower is for production and broadcasting and the other for services, research, and education, then connecting and meeting in the middle. The design reflects and represents the idea of interconnectivity of how the different sides of the business may play different roles but will come and work together to achieve one single goal; housing administration, broadcasting and production facilities, offices, and TV studios all under one roof. In order to be able to support all the facilities with power, the building was built to be energy-efficient and sustainable ; making use of its energy-efficient climate control systems. This building also designed to induce the interconnection and communication between people as well which is why there are public space and  a sequence of exhibition spaces, restaurants and viewing areas,  for the public and tourist to explore. For example, at the perpendicular joint above, glass peepholes 15 feet in diameter on the underside, allow those who pass by to view the ground 500 feet below, insinuating conversation starters to further connected the people. Compared to the surrounding features and structures, this structure represents and began the modern and futuristic ideas that will flow through this developing country in the future.

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  1. Hui Lei,
    This building has a simple shape, yet it breaks all known rules in relation to how to shape and build sky risers.

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