Brooklyn Bridge Park – Michael Van Valkenburgh

Brooklyn Bridge Park at night

Michael Van Valkenburgh is an honored American Landscape Architect. He received Master of Landscape Architecture from the College of Fine Arts at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in 1977. In 1982, he founded the Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. (MVVA) and their firm had an extensive array of landscape design, both public and private lands. They had completed over 350 projects including the Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn New York 2010.


Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85 acre green space that was built from where the former industrial waterfront site was and it stretches along the Manhattan Bridge, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, South of upland range of Pier 6 and Atlantic Avenue. The park was designed right next to the 800 acres of open water which helped created the breathtaking view of the urban landscape. Valkenburgh’s concept for his overall design of the park was to create this positive manifesto about the local cultures of the area from the years that had passed.


The park was divided into 11 different phases and two more upcoming phases in the late Fall 2013. Each phase design does not necessarily simulate to one another.  For example, Pier 1 they have waterfront promenade, playground and concessions, and many pedestrian pathways compared to Pier 6 where they have a different approach and installed 3 sand volleyball courts, two lawns, paths, and planted areas. Although each phase is different; he managed to make it work by creating different pleasures for people to experience and enjoy.




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