Charles and Ray Eames House

eames house

Charles and Ray Eames’ house was created as part of a program that consisted of 24 Case Study Houses.  They began designing the house in 1945 and completed it in 1949.  It is located on North Chautauqua Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of LA on a 1.4 acre site.  This particular house is considered a landmark of mid 20th century modern architecture.  Their intention was to build the house using materials that would not interrupt the site.  Most of these materials and techniques used to build the house were derived from WWII.  They designed the house for a married couple with no children and to reflect their own household and needs.  The location of the house on the lot was chosen so as not to impinge upon the pleasant meadow that fronted the house.  It was created in a way that would integrate the house into the landscape while still preserving it.  Eucalyptus trees were planted to give shade and blend the house with the outdoors.  The exterior of the house was constructed of unconventional materials such as  glass and steel to create a new understanding of how people can live.  The steel frame was filled in with different solid and transparent colored panels to create a shifting light in the interior throughout the day.  Ray, as a painter, was most likely familiar with Mondrian paintings, which could have influenced this idea.  The use of natural materials on the interior brings the house closer to nature, giving the appearance of the house resting softly on the earth.


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