Tado Ando-Church Of Light

Church Of light                                     Image Source:  http://ibaraki-kasugaoka-church.jp/index.html

      The cross on church’s wall is created by horizontal and vertical cut outs through the concrete. It reaches out into the light; it has religious and philosophical theme. It is the symbol of church and by light pouring from it into the room conveys the idea of guidance by God through the life and getting out of uncertainty. It symbolizes finding a path and seeing surroundings clearly. It makes people to feel the presence of God and get closer to him.  Tado Ando the architect of this church has made “this cross of light in the hopes of people’s souls and minds can be united by light through the cross”. (CNN interview with Tado Ando) The main material used in the structure of the church is concrete and the benches are made of scaffolding material. The structure has no decorations and variety of colors but yet sends a strong message to its visitors. The budget for this project was very limited but despite of it, Tado Ando still managed to create a meaningful design; as he mentioned in an interview he created it with  “low budget but rich character”.  (CNN interview) All the elements used in its design specially the light that breaks through the darkness of the room, create an ambiance that people can open their hearts forgetting  the out side world and take their minds further than normal life. It makes them think deeper.

     The church has Japanese architectural concept which is the incorporation of the elements of nature into the architecture. Tado Ando has used light as the element of nature in his design. This structure was built in 1989 and is located in Osaka, Japan.



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