Clock Tower Beach-Claude Cormier


Clock Tower Beach is located in the Montreal’s Old Port, Canada. In June 2012, an urban beach, called the Clock Beach, opened adjacent to the Clock Tower. The beach, Called “The Clock tower beach”, was a concept by Architect Claude Cormier, who envisioned a beach setting in an urban area. Clock Tower Beach covers 13,000 square meters.

It consists of two components. The first is the creation of an urban beach at the Pointe de l’Horloge, with its elegant clock tower built in 1921, and along the lower quay bordering the marina. A huge stairway-ramp makes this convivial venue accessible to all, offering a new and novel approach to city living. Beach umbrellas and weeping willows, brightly colored chairs and fixtures, showers and mist stations, a boardwalk, silky sand, and a refreshment stand all combine to offer visitors a few moments of sheer idleness in a breathtaking setting.

The second component is the parking area, clearly defined by rows of trees that reproduce the triangular layout of the quay. Fed by surface water run-off, the larches, willows, shrub beds, and perennials add cool green ambiance to the space. At the far west end of the site, shooting up from a mound around which a roundabout loops, hundreds of sticks in three shades of blue generate an intriguing pixilation effect.

The Clock Tower Beach may be a new way to attract tourists that it’s white sand, nice beach chairs and some clear, pristine, Montreal water. It massive yet delightfully simple, extends and intensifies the idea driving the master plan of the Old Port of Montreal to create a “window on the river” by summoning Montrealers and visitors alike to come and enjoy this exceptional site and its atmosphere of leisure and liveliness, recreation and relaxation.


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