Diana Balmori- The Garden that Climbs the Stairs


Diana Balmori – The Garden that Climbs the Stairs 

Diana Balmori, born in Gijon, Spain grew up in Spain and England. At a very young age Diana was very imaginative and creative child which was the main reason why she was drawn to the arts at such an early age. As any well-known designer, Diana has many influences she applied into the design world which greatly informed her successful and unique design style. After receiving her high school diploma she continued her education at the National University of Tucuman in Argentina, but later arrived to the United States. Once arriving to the United States she continued her education at USC earning her Ph.D. in Urban History. The knowledge and experience Diana has is definitely shown throughout her design, especially The Garden Climbs the Stairs.

The Garden Climbs the Stairs was created in the year 2009 and is located on the steps between two Arata Isozaki towers that lead to Santiago Calatrava’s footbridge over the Nervion River. One thing that stood out in particular when researching information and images is that it is a garden of contrast. In other words, the contrast between native and exotic plants, between the red flowers and the green grass, between the green grass and the grey paving is an essential factor that stood out. The intent that Diana Balmori had when designing was that the garden engages the horizontal plaza with the rising vertical plane of the steps and the upright motion of Eduardo Chillida’s sculpture.




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