This project known as Centre Georges Pompidou was named after George Pempidou who was president during 1969 to 1974.

This architecture style is modern but Richard Rogers as well as Renzo Piano and others, decided to give the building some character. With the structure exposing what lies beneath the walls of a structure, this project was awarded in an architectural design competition for it’s skeleton revealing indoor as well as outdoor of the building.

The location of this project is in France after it’s completion in 1977, Richard Rogers won a reputation as a high-tech iconoclast.

The interesting thing about this project is that the colors all have a purpose and are not just thrown out there to give it some color. Each color represents what the human needs to be aware of. The red representing devices for safety, blue for climate control, green as the plumbing, and yellow as for lighting.

The form of the building clearly fits the function. This simple box shaped design allows the people in France to know that inside, a volume of people exchange an experience with one another. Socializing as well as culture exchange lie inside this Modern Art Museum and it allowed public space to take place since the area it is located only buildings and streets are seen.


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