Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry the one who is born in Canada in 1929 has been one of the most famous designers in the world. Various magnificent architecture projects that have made a landmark in the world have been credited to his amazing work. With all this credentials Frank has become one of the most sought after designer. Some of the projects that have made top ranks in the words architecture scene include Vitra Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. His recent architectural work includes the proposed New Jersey Nets. Apart from making a change in the architectural world Frank has also majored in furniture design giving the best as he always in that field. Having studied architecture at the University of Southern California and later majoring for a year in Harvard Graduate School of Design, he established his own office of architecture in 1962 in Los Angeles where he started his change in the architectural world. He introduced the Easy Edge chair series which he constructed using cardboard. Around 1980’s he made a comeback in the furniture industry where he designed Experimental Edges furniture abased on the previous raw materials (lamented cardboard), this was in contradiction with the previous designers who used iron and other industrial products.

He later developed the famous Cross Check series for Knoll international in the 1990’s,  his design in the production of chairs and tables used wooden apple crates with no needed additional support among other materials being one of the unique designs ever. In 2004 he ended his contact with Emeco where he created the spectacular Super light Chair a design that has received amazing embracement from every corner of the world. This work gives a glimpse of the amazing and uniqueness in the architectural world. Frank has made a made a glamorous change in the worlds architectural scene with great innovations leading to emergence of user-friendly products. The raw materials that he uses to design and produce his products are normally very cost effective and environmental friendly making the furniture industry more spectacular. His work portrays not only a talented prowess but also a dedication towards producing the best he has received numerous awards such as the 1989 Pritzker Prize.  Frank will always be a legend in the architecture design with his work being great inspiration to the architectural world.




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