LA Experience Blogpost Spring 2013


CicLAvia was an event that was held on April 21, 2013 in downtown Los Angeles. The route consisted of a 15 mile stretch that connected downtown Los Angeles to the beach. The event was mostly composed of bike riders, but there were occasional non-bikers on the route. Much of the route was isolated from cars and was open to pedestrians. With the closure of the streets one can actually experience Los Angeles in a new way that does not consist of being inside of a car.

The first thing that you notice when cars are not on the street is the size of the streets. A four to five lane road occupies much more space then sidewalks or even retail outside space. This clearly illustrates that the automobile has great importance in our society. Another thing to consider is how fast the city ends and where the neighborhoods start. The beginning of the route begins with huge skyscrapers within 7 miles you begin to notice less city life and more residential areas. One of the most striking and revealing features that comes into focus when you’re riding your bike toward the ocean; are the many slopes and hills that the city roads traverse.

The streets are for the most part easy to moderate to handle when you go downhill towards the ocean, the same can’t be said when returning to downtown. That is when you actually begin to experience the actual topography of Los Angeles. Much of the bike riders did not make it back to downtown once they reached the ocean. I believe that this is partly due to the lack of training and conditioning needed to complete a thirty mile run. The time limit set by the event was the biggest downfall, what would make this event better would be to extend the time limit; by extending it one can have the opportunity to explore with more detail.


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