Rudolph Shindler – Shindler House


Rudolph Schindler is a famous architect who’s work includes that of the Schindler House, which he almost could not even construct in the first place. It took much work on Schindler’s behalf to convince the local planning authorities to approve of his plans and designs, as they were not on board with his new method of construction. However eventually permission was granted in a temporary permit, which meant the authorities could halt construction at any given time.


One of the reasons why the house was considered to be such an innovative design and had steered planning authorities away from it was because the house lacked a conventional loving room, dining room, and bedrooms. The house was essentially two “L” shaped apartments that are interlocking and made to accompany two young families. The design was rather foreign and concept was rather foreign at the time and came to Schindler as he was on vacation with his wife in Yosemite. He arrived back determined to create a house where multiple families would share a common living area, much like a camp fire.


Schindler had familiarized himself very well with the work of Irving Gill’s tilt up slab work, and this is what he used in the construction of the house. Tilt up slabs are concrete forms which are poured onto the foundation. Upon completion of the house with fellow friend Clyde Chace, both the Chase family and Schindler family lived in the house from 1922 until 1924.



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