The Blur Building



Diller & Scofifio – The Blur Building



Liz Diller is a member of a firm called, Diller, Scofidio & Renfro. They were the first architecture firm to receive a MacArthur “genius” grant. Diller & Scofidio worked on the Blur Building in yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland. Their practice focuses on design, performance, and the use of electronic media with architectural and cultural theory. They create designs to form a relationship with nature and how architecture is limitless.

The Blur Building is the centerpiece of the 6th Swiss National Exhibition completed in 2002. When looking from afar, the structure is visible, while up close, all that you’ll see is a mist. Interestingly, the structure looks like a cloud from afar. The building sprays innumerable amounts of tiny drops of lake water by the use of a high-pressure spraying technology. Even if it rains, the misty structure is visible, because computers adjust to the different climatic conditions of weather and breeze. When entering, a long ramp leads into a large open air platform, located in the center of the fog. The only thing you’ll hear is the noise of water spraying nozzles. Drops of water is sprayed to create a mist effect also known as blur, therefore the name of the structure is the Blur Building.

Not only is the structure unique from other architectural structures, their interactive media, the raincoat create a social relationship with the structure. The enhanced raincoat, ‘brain coats’ is a wearable, wireless technology. The brain coat reacts to others and affected by positive and negative affinity between visitors through color changes and sound.


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