Luis Barragan, San Cristobal Stables


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Luis Barragan was a Mexican architect that was a major figure of the international stage of architecture in the 20th century. All of Barragan’s buildings and landscape projects are all in Mexico were he shows the combination of traditional Mexican architecture and the vocabulary of modernism. Along with this he was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1980, which got him international recognition for his architectural style.

Luis Barragan was the designer of the San Cristobal Stables that is located in Los Clubes, Mexico City. This project took place from 1966-1968. The project was a complex of residence and equestrian stables that was built for Folke Egerstrom. This project included a addition to the home, a large pool of water for the refreshment of the horses, a granary, a meadow for grazing, and the training tracks. All of this was brought together in to one area that was all intergraded together to make smooth transitions between home and stable. With this comes along a modern take on a stable that at the time was just an experiment for the work of international modern movement. But even with this experiment Barragan still kept traditional Mexico in his design. This project makes it easier to picture modern elements in something, such as a ranch, that can sometimes be seen as a traditional and rural environment.


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