Martha SchwartzJacob Javitz Plaza

jscob javitz


This is Jacob Javits Plaza designed by Martha Schwartz a Landscape Architect. She is a person that likes to incorporate different materials and color that resemble nature, but are not quite the real thing. She uses bright colors and for her art and landscape is indistinguishable. In this particular project she uses a bright color green that makes the winding bench definitely differ from the ground.  The mounds in between the benches give a pop feature to the place. This space was meant to be used as a form of waiting room for the federal building and a place where the employees can sit and enjoy their lunch. The site used to be home to the Tilted Arc sculpture of Richard Serra and this design of Martha was made intentionally to oppose Serra’s artwork. The benches idea was influenced by Olmstead’s traditional park design and she was also inspired by French parterres the idea of trimmed hedges to define a path. She sees the landscape in this site to be furniture requiring to be repainted instead of trimmed. So her influences for this project are from art and landscape. Although she did follow the design methods of Olmstead and others she made it into her own way as she likes to express whimsy and humor so she made the benches in this crazy snake like benches. Many landscape architects criticize her work because she builds and they say the purpose of landscape architecture is to preserve the land, but she argues that she likes to make a long lasting installation that people will take care of.


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