Oosterschelde Storm Surge Barrier


Looking at this photograph, it would of never cross my mind that a landscaping architect had any participation in this project. The reality is a very different one, because Adriaan Gauze participated in this project. Adrian was born in Dordrecht, Netherlands in October 28, 1960. Through his early days Adriaan soon realized that design was his virtue. That is way the he decide to Attended the University of Wageningen and in 1987 graduated with a Landscaping architecture degree. Soon after his graduation he teamed up with Paul Van Beek and in the same year founded West 8 Urban design and landscaping company. Some of his local projects in the Netherlands’ were the Schiphol airport, redesign of Rotterdam Theatre and a Master Plan for Borneo Sporenburg, which helped West 8 go international. After a lot of hard work finally, in 1994 West 8 became an international company with offices in New York and Brussels. Adriaan became very famous thanks to his west 8 company and his good philosophy in relating contemporary culture, urban identity, architecture, public space and engineering within one only design. International works like the Governors Island in New York, Toronto central waterfront and other design jobs in Madrid and Rio have made West 8 world-renowned.  His most famous work however, was the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier. Here west 8 contributed in designing the shells at the foot of this project, which was the most difficult to build and most expensive part of the Delta works, which took more than 10 years to complete. West 8 to this day continues to be a well-known company. As of his Co founder Adriaan Gauze’s present life, he has Know become an instructor in Landscaping Architecture and Design and frequently gives lectures at universities worldwide. Seeing and learning about adriaan Gauze has only expanded my knowledge about all the different routes that are out there for landscaping architects worldwide.


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