Richard Haag

Richard Haag is a United States landscape architect who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Haag graduated from the University of California with his bachelor’s degree and Harvard Graduate School of Design for his master’s degree. Haag has received many landscape architect awards during his career. He is also known for starting the Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Washington.

The Gas Works Park is one of Haag’s most famous works. Gas Works Park was a coal gas plant on the north shore of Lake Union. The plant was shut down by the year of 1956 and Haag purchased the land in 1970. He immediately started to develop the park design and convincing the city government to allow the plan. The hard part of the design is to work around using bioremediation methods because he cannot transport or replace the soil in the park. The oil degrading enzymes and organic materials were added in order to fertilize the soil. Haag’s design had an ecology concept behind, which became the unique thing about the Gas Works Park. Haag has always been environmental minded. The Gas Works Park is a great example of how industrial structures could have no hazard to the environment. The Gas Works Park brought him the first award of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) President’s Award for Design Excellence. Moreover, the park is now one of the most popular parks in Seattle. Haag’s designs increased awareness of ecology and sustainability in both landscape and architectural design.


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