All Shook up

All Shook up

I attended a play called “All Shook Up” that not only showcased amazing theatre but also incorporated dancing and music. It was a professional play held in a theatre at Cal State Fullerton and was put on by students in the theatre department. Theatre in itself uses expression to get the point across through acting, singing, and dancing they are able to tell a story. Through form, lighting and set design you are able to get a very clear realistic image of where the play is supposed to take place and also what time period it is set in.
The use of light showcased the lead actor and also created shadow. Looking at the layout of the stage I noticed that they also used light in order to create color. I noticed that not only was it used to showcase the forms already on stage, but it was also used to create different colors on stage. Light was not only directed to the front of the stage but also to the audience in order to create a much more dramatic feeling. Form was not only seen in the structure of the set but also in the formations made by the actors on stage. Using their bodies as structures to create a certain formation helps the audience to visually understand what is going on throughout the play. Also their use of set design helped to set the tone of the play. The play was supposed to be set in the 1950’s and in a small conservative town. They used vintage pieces of furniture as well as costumes in order to set the tone and time period of the play. With all of the effects that were used I found the play to be very visually stimulating and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


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