Brewery Art Walk

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Brewery Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA

April 28, 2013

When I was first received the email from Andy Wilcox regarding upcoming events, I was more than willing to push beyond my hesitant subconscious and open myself to the possibility to experiencing new and interesting experiences. I have been to previous art exhibits and gallery events, so I had somewhat of an idea as to what it might be. I have done little to none research as to this particular event, however in my mind, I thought the Brewery Art Walk would be a regular art show of various artists and pieces of art consisting of canvases. I thought the show would be displayed in a conservative and plain looking organization down long corridors  However, what I had thought I would experiencing would be to the contrary of what was to come.

First arriving, I noticed that the location was not a common exhibit space, but rather an actual brewery plant. The architecture was industrial and well aged to present an artistic sense of space. I did not know where to start considering there was no strict directional path presented. Starting from the front of the complex, I entered a long, cold hallway leading to an echoing of voices and a staircase leading to a location that would hopefully not include the endangerment of my life. Walking alone through the cold concrete halls with nothing but the hope of soon finding a welcoming art gallery, I came across a row doors each with a printed paper posted with a exhibit title. Walking into the first room, I saw that these galleries were nothing more than artists’ lofts where they opened their doors and invited the public to observe and hopefully purchase their pieces. I saw that the art presented were not merely painted canvases of obscure images, but also molds, installations, photographs, and sculptures. I did notice however that various artists had pieces of art that somehow referenced landscapes or could be implemented into landscape designs as sources of reference.

It was at this point that I began to realize that by expanding my experiences and going to various exhibits and events that I could draw what I observe and replicate my interpretations into my own designs.


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