A True Adventure

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On April 21st I took part in CicLAvia for my Los Angeles experience. This was an opportunity to participate in an event that allowed me to engage in an experience that reflected my love of the outdoors. This love of outdoor adventures is a trait that has been ever-present since my childhood and was the main reason I was drawn to this event, hoping it would bring that same undertaking.

The day began early. Seth and I had planned to meet several of our other classmates and friends at the Pomona Metro Station early that morning, however those plans quickly changed. Arriving at the station we purchased our tickets and were greeted by dozens of other cyclists, all participants in the event. To us this foreshadowed the rest of our journey. As the train pulled to the station we could see the vast number of bicycles pilled and stacked on one another and when the doors opened I forced my way through the crowded car only to look back and see I was the only one who made it on. It was then that the plan was changed. The others chose to drive to the event but I continued on. Once I had arrived, I looked out among the open streets to find a journey to take part in. Riding along the streets and passing many of the buildings and sites I was able to see these places in a new light, which added a new form of excitement to my journey. The venture continued as the group and I began what we believed to be a 15-mile round trip excursion. I came to find the task daunting once I understood the pathway was a 30-mile route, yet it came to add to the experience. The streets were crowded with an array of thousands of unique bicycles and bicyclists. Multi-level bikes and lively side street attractions and performers created this communal environment that I found myself truly becoming immersed in along with this community of cyclists. Reaching our destination, I found myself wanting to continue. Walking through Venice to a local sub shop I found the atmosphere heightened and it became a drive to continue on the road home. It was our plan to ride to the Gold Line Metro and then to Union station, yet we chose to continue on and complete the full route that was the highlight of my trip. The streets however were now closed and forced our collective group to actively be a part of the crowed vehicular streets that, for me, was a new exciting experience. This was a true adventure.

This event publicized the positive effect of creating a communal event and the effect it has on the number of participants and the surrounding cities. To me, CicLAvia brought an atmosphere and a journey that aided my adventure.


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