Clover Elementary School

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Clover Elementary School was holding a planting event for their school’s garden. My classmates and I thought that this is a great chance for us to do something for the children. Therefore, we decided to volunteer for the program. Allen, Ring and I car pooled to the Clover Elementary School on Thursday, May 16th. The traffic jam is unbelievable. Although we left home at 5:30 in the morning and left room for the bad traffic, we were still late for the program by at least an hour. Knowing that we were late, we immediately started working. The guy who was in charge taught us the methods quickly and gave us the tools right away. The instructions were clear to me. The job did not sound very tough. The area that needed us to work on is not large. It was located in front of two fifth grade classrooms. The first step was to weed the grounds. This step was not very hard for me because the early guys had already finished most of them. The second step was tough for me, which was to break the dirt. I am not a person who enjoys doing gardening works. Not to mention the tiredness from getting up very early in the morning. However, during the dirt breaking, the children were taking P.E. classes outside. Many kids were interested in what we were doing. They seemed eager to join us. Their teacher even asked if the children could join the work. The kids’ interests and appearances made me felt happy about my work. And that was the first time that I started thinking the job was worth it. The kids’ interests did not follow up when we reached to the final step, which was dispensing the compost. As soon as the truck with the compost arrived, the children reacted to the smell of compost badly. It seemed funny to me how some kids were overreacting. Although I did not enjoy the smell of the compost as well, knowing that would be the final step of the day, I was motivated and finished my job quickly. The volunteering experience at Clover Elementary School was exhausting but enjoyable due to the children. The experience also made me realized that the hardest part of landscape work is not only the designing. Putting the design into work might be the toughest part.      


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