Clover Native Garden‏


The planting event in Clover Elementary School is helping students to 
build their school native garden. Some classmates and I decided to be
volunteers and participate in this activity together. On Thursday 
May 16th I arrived at the school around 9:30 in the morning with 3 
hours huge traffic. Since I was arriving late, the student in charge 
of Gabrielle still being patient to explain the process to me. After 
she explains everything, I got an idea what I supposed to do today. 
Firstly, we need to weed the garden. Secondly, we have to breaking up 
dirt clumps. Then, we should grading and spreading compost. The area 
we need to plant is not that large, and it also located in front of 
two the fifth grade classroom. With the gardening gloves, grab the 
shovel and rake, then I start to working on it. While we weeding the 
garden, children were very curious what we do on the garden and keep 
asking questions to their teacher. The teacher was explaining to all 
the children what we did and what will happen for the garden. It makes 
children so exciting. After weed the garden, I used the shovel and rake 
to breaking up dirt clumps. While compost truck arrived, we need to 
spread compost evenly over the planting area. We reacted to the cow 
manure smell. After the compost was dispensed, a truck-full of mulch 
arrived. And we do the same thing again. During the time to planting 
here, children were taking the P.E, dance classes. With the music of 
their class, it makes us more enjoy to working with them. I felt very 
glad that I be a volunteer here today. Because of school garden get 
students thinking about what plant around them and to get the students 
outside. Although most of what is done in the garden relates to the 
environment, it can also serve as an outdoor classroom for teaching. 
School gardens can be used to enhance academic achievement, promote 
healthy lifestyles, inspire environmental stewardship, and to build 

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