A Not So Typical Los Angeles Experience


Transportation; the action we challenge ourselves to everyday could be an extremely less chaotic experience if we rode our bicycles. CicLAvia was an especially interesting experience in Los Angeles, a city we all know of that’s filled with a million cars on the roads at any given time of the day. While riding through the city streets I felt proud to have participated in an event which had such a strong involvement towards the alternative-transportation movement.

Riding through the streets with no cars in site and sky scrapers in every direction was quite the experience, and if such an action like this took place every day, the world would be a happier place. There’s something about exercising while outdoors that allows the human mind to be relieved of worries.

During the ride to Venice Beach we came upon some pretty interesting forms of bicycles which people had chosen to equip themselves with, everything from three bike-frames welded together to make a eight foot tall bike one had to climb up on, to a six person dining room table on wheels where they all pedaled together to suspend the table forward.

Not too far along the journey my butt began to become sore from the constant riding. It was then that I didn’t know how I was going to last a 32 mile round trip.

Venice Beach was culturally interesting as always, more than most beach cities in Southern California. We ate lunch and between seeing the drummer-on-a-bucket and the man-painted-gold, I was enjoying my time at the beach. Seeing all the cool art work on the walls and the paintings for-sale put me in an artsy mood and I began to paint in my mind.

As the afternoon began to fade and our phones began to die, we headed back with no time to waste in order to catch our train at 5 o’clock PM. After what seemed a never- ending bike ride to Union Station, the train attendant wouldn’t let us on. The tickets we had bought were for Metrolink only, not for Amtrak. If only the attendant had informed us that we could buy the tickets on our phone-app while the train departed we would have been just fine, but by the time I left to buy tickets the train had started moving. The poor guy must not have had a smart phone.  Luckily we didn’t have to wait till 7 o’clock PM for the next train and were able to get on the Pomona train where helpful friends could give us a lift back home.

With a little more sunscreen on my back, a more comfortable seat and a smart phone equipped attendant the day could of went a bit smoother, but in memory the day was fun and I’m glad to have participated in the alternative transportation movement. I was reminded as to what kind of preparation and energy riding a bicycle across the city takes but also the way it makes you feel. Being cooped up in a vehicle EVERYWHERE we go is unhealthy and we as individuals ought to enjoy some aerobics every now and then. Especially in this country, -I’m just saying. The smog in the air we breathe and the ozone accumulation in our atmosphere are not so good for us either so why not take some extra time and do something good for you and others- ride a bike!


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