Clover Elementary School Garden


Volunteering at Clover Elementary School was a great way to contribute back to the community. Going into the project I thought the day would be a breeze, but later found out that it was more intense than what I had expected. Our first task was to getting rid of all the weeds that were mixed in with the soil, picking one by one until there were very few noticeable; a very tedious job. These weeds were later put into bags where they would be hauled away. This day was mostly concentrated on prepping the soils for Saturday, where another group would plant and work on the finishing touches. After completing the first task we moved on to breaking up the soils that were too big in size by using our shovels and hoes to smash them. Doing this broke the larger pieces down into finer soils; a better substance for planting. Around 10 am the soil was ready for the next step and a truck filled with compost was brought in ready to be mixed into the dirt. This compost had a very strong smell to it, even kids playing on the black top came over and asked what the smell was. After mixing in the compost, a larger truck brought in a delivery of mulch that would be set on top of the finished garden. At this point we were not finished, so we had to move the mulch out of the way onto a more suitable place.

While we were working on the garden many teachers thanked us for the work we had done. This experience allowed me to see the positive impact that volunteers can make in a community. Knowing that our hard work would be appreciated by many people other than ourselves made it all worth it.


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