L.A. Experience – Clover Elementary School


When I was asked to volunteer for the Clover Elementary School garden, I thought to myself that I would not have the time. However, with a change of heart the last day I decided to go on board with this task. The next day a group of friends and I left for Los Angeles early in the morning, but we did not arrive at our destination until the early afternoon. With surprise, we were greeted by a courteous staff who gave us instructions to where the rest of our group were. They seemed very thankful that we went out of our way to help out the kids in this school by renovating their garden.

When I got to work, I thought this to be a simple task, but I soon realized that garden work was difficult and time consuming. Steps had to be taken and the first was to try and break down the larger chunks of soil while also removing any weeds and or other materials that did not belong. After about an hour in, we were instructed by the third year students that the next step would be applying fertilizer and mixing it with the soil. I got to work and spread the compost as evenly out as I could. This task did not take too long as most of the volunteers arrived by this time. After we were done we moved on to creating the shape of this garden. Holes had to be dug and mounds had to be placed.

Although my group and I left soon after this process began, I got to understand what teamwork and giving back to the community was really about. We got to see the kids outside with their teachers doing morning activities while we worked, and some even came and asked us questions about our tasks. I am truly grateful being able to experience this with my classmates and glad that I decided to come help out in the end. I hope we will be able to do similar activities like this in the future!


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