L.A. Experience: Overdrive


The Getty museum’s exhibition, Overdrive was the most eye opening learning experience that I have ever had about the Los Angeles County. The exhibition showcased numerous original architectural drawings and models which was the reason that no photography was allowed. However, I took many notes on several exhibit themes. The Overdrive exhibition displayed thematic information about the city of Los Angeles’ evolution and growth from the 20th century until today. The exhibition’s creative name refers to the literal definition meaning that an engine churning at top speed may overheat. This is thought about the city of Los Angeles because ever since the foundation of the city, the city’s impressive growth has just kept skyrocketing. As I walked into the exhibition room, a projected presentation caught my attention because it was an illustrative production of L.A. region’s infrastructure and it showed a rapid growth of the metropolitan development in nothing but factual diagrams.

I had never really taken a moment to appreciate such innovative and important designs in the city of Los Angeles such as the networking freeway designs that connect us to the rest of the state and country. I learned that the freeway system was designed and created to accommodate the rapid growth of the car technology during the early 20th century. The networks of freeways divide and unite all of the different cities and communities that make up the Los Angeles County. I was most fascinated with the different architectural designs that make up the urban landscape of Los Angeles and the fact that the designs were presented in photographs, sketches, detailed plans and drawings, and models. Architectural design definitely develops with each time period; I analyzed several 1950’s café and restaurant structures and then compared them with the designs of a different time and then I understood that design indeed respects the time era it is being built in. Overall, the Overdrive exhibition was an exceptional showcase full of information about Los Angeles County and since the resources were abundant, I have to go back to learn more.


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