LA Experience

la gerbe

I’ve never been to LACMA before because I didn’t feel the experience was worth the drive.  My experience proved me wrong.  I had not anticipated the variety of not only artists, but also art medium.  My attention was first captured by the Levitated Mass as I approached the museum.  It is more impressive to see it in real life because of its sheer mass.  I struggle to Its hard to imagine the engineering that was required to transport the boulder and raise it into place.  However I struggle to understand why this is considered art.  La Gerbe by Henri Matisse caught my eye because of the vibrant color, which is emphasized by the white background.  The ceramic rendering of colored leaves arranged like a bouquet is simple yet explodes with life.  Of all the things I saw at LACMA, Metropolis II was by far the most fascinating.  It reminded me of the structures I would build as a kid out of Legos or K’Nex, but Chris Burden takes it to a whole new level.  Watching the cars speed around the track is mesmerizing.  It exemplifies California’s fascination with cars.  His structure symbolically shows the mass transit system moving at a far slower pace than the cars racing around the freeway system, but just as in real life, the cars become gridlocked while the trains keep plodding on.  All the movement going on makes it difficult to concentrate on just one area of the model, which captures the frenetic activity and detail of Los Angeles.  The building designs and materials are eclectic; onion domed buildings are placed next to modern day skyscrapers.  Burden uses several different materials for the buildings such as plexiglass, wood, Lego blocks, and Lincoln Logs.  This model is an example of art imitating life in the sense of a mini-city.


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