LA Experience

la experience

When I signed up to go to Clover Elementary to plant plants in a small garden the class of 499 I thought that it wasn’t going to be too hard of a task. However, I was in for a surprise. Since there was another day were there were volunteers and they were going to work with the land to prepare for the planting I thought that everything was going to be ready for Saturday when I was going to volunteer. When I learned that we were supposed to dig to make mounds and a basin I thought to myself ok its fine it doesn’t look that hard. As I started digging I started to feel the rough terrain as the shovel hit the surface. I could see everybody else working in different parts and having a hard time as well. I didn’t expect this soil to be so tough. At first we were using shovels and it made it difficult to progress. I felt the contractions of my muscles as I used the shovel. Then the pick ax came and it was less difficult, but it still made my arms suffer because as I put force into the movement of the pick ax the force would rebound up back to my arms and it hurt at the time. Although, it was challenging I still kept working because I would see the rest of the group keep going. Also we worked as a team because we would alternate every time one of us would get tired. In the end it was a great feeling of accomplishment when I saw this rugged terrain unfold into beautiful landscape that the kids at this school could enjoy. So this was a worthy experience that I had never experienced before and I liked it very much.


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