LA Experience


I had always heard people talking about Ciclavia but it never caught my attention. I first looked into it when I was trying to decide what to do for my blog post and a few friends and I decided to participate in this event. For Ciclavia, streets in LA are closed down for anyone who has a bike and are willing to ride from downtown LA to wherever it ends. Ciclavia changes the finish line each time and now it happened to end at Venice beach. When I first arrived at downtown I could not believe how many people were ready to spend most of their day riding their bikes for many miles. The event started at 10am and would end at 3pm; I figured I would be there and back by then but I was wrong. I ended up taking the metro from Venice back to downtown because of how hot and tired I was At first it felt as if it were a race, everyone trying to get ahead and trying not to run or bump into anyone. The whole purpose of Ciclavia is to bring people together for a fun day outside without having to worry about car traffic and that’s exactly what it does. Most of the people who participated did so with their friends and family and enjoyed the day. Riding from LA to Venice is a whole different experience on a bike than in a car. I noticed that when riding a bike my sense of smell and sight was enhanced. Throughout the entire trip I could smell different kinds of foods coming from different restaurants. At certain points there was construction going on and it had its own distinct smell to it. I was able to pay more attention to my surroundings such as the designs used on buildings and the change from being in a city to the beach. Ciclavia was a great experience and I will definitely do it again.


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