LA Experience: Ciclavia


As a San Diegan, I rarely get to encounter anything like the city of Los Angeles. The closest I get is downtown San Diego. When I was given the opportunity to experience LA by biking down its streets at Ciclavia, I thought it would give me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I also believed it would allow me a chance to spend time with my classmates outside of class.

We were going to take the metro to downtown Los Angeles but it was so packed we couldn’t fit. It was interesting to see an entire metro filled to capacity with people and bikes and people still trying to nudge their way in. We ended up driving there instead, which was probably nicer than having to stand pressed up against people and their bikes on the way to Union Station.

When I arrived at Ciclavia, I was expecting a deserted city filled with bikes. I was surprised to discover that we could see cars driving through the intersections when we stopped. I was also stunned by how common stops were. I thought it would be one straight ride to Venice. When we kept stopping at almost every intersection, I started to feel like I was a car stuck in traffic. I began to feel like I was driving through Los Angeles. People were yelling “stay in your lane,” there were cops all around, and there was constant swerving and bikes passing around me.

Overall, it was a great and tiring experience that I would definitely do again. It allowed me to experience the city life for a short time, get a good amount of sun, and a long workout. It also showed me a different side of Los Angeles and gave me a feel of the city life and the people who live there.


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