LA Experience: Overdrive at The Getty

hillsideOverdrive: LA Constructs the Future 1940-1990 is a special exhibit being held at The Getty Museum from April 9 – July 21.  The first piece to catch my eye was a slide show of the Urban Networks in Los Angeles.  It started with the growth of the community over time, showing where people were settling and the movement out towards San Bernardino and Orange County.  Second, they showed the growth of the freeways by year.  When they overlaid the two together, you could see the movement of the freeways flow with the movement of the people.  This brought me back to our class discussions where we look at the needs of the people and community.  As landscape architects, we need to look at the movement of the people and letting your work flow with them.  It gave me an insight to county-wide planning which can be brought into a smaller scale when planning paths in our landscape.

Another piece I found was a drawing by Carlos Diniz of the Art Center College of Design by Craig Ellwood Associates (shown above).  This drawing caught my eye because of the idea of the line in the landscape.  The building creates a boundary in between the top and the bottom of the landscapes.  The line put above it emphasizes the valley beneath.  In the same way, the mountains above are highlighted by the straight line below it.  This also made me reflect on the idea of adding or subtracting from the landscape.  As you can see, the building is placed on top.  The valley below also stresses this because it looks like the building is sitting above it.  This dip however made me think of what would happen if the building was placed below instead.  If the architects used the idea of digging or taking away, only that little pocket (in the valley) would be seen from this view.  I think that would have been an interesting way to look at the same line.


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