CICLAVIA, or not?



CICLAVIA was extremely memorable experience for me, but unlike others, it was probably more-so for the wrong reasons. The day began missing the train to get to Union Station and thus being forced to utilize our cars and own gas to reach Los Angles. Shortly after reaching the station and preparing ourselves for our extended bicycle voyage, my back tire decided to divorce the rest of the bike, leaving me with nothing but a unicycle. And so the day began.


The great event was about to start and I was left traveling bipedally. In a little bit of a panic, the group that I was with traveled with me to various stores in an effort to find a bike to aid me in my travels. However, due to my unusual height as well as not having a pocket as deep as the Pacific, there was no luck. Eventually I felt bad as CICLAVIA was already on its way, and I sent my group on there way to enjoy the event. I told them that I would eventually find them along the route and hopefully be riding something. And so I began the second part, alone.


After some intense and strenuous googling, I found a single bicycle shop roughly ten blocks from my current location and set out to find my ride. I got the honor of experiencing some very interesting parts of Los Angles on my short voyage, but eventually found myself at my goal. Sadly, despite my haggling skills, I walked out $300 poorer and roughly 8 miles from where the CICLAVIA route and the rest of the group was. However, I had a plan.


I began to ride to what I deemed as the estimated converging point, and shortly realized that I stood no chance in catching up. So, in desperation, I phoned a friend of mine who attends USC and she was able to save me from the streets and deposit me to the route.  Hours later and I was finally reunited with the thousands on the road and begin my experience of CICLAVIA.


CICLAVIA was a wonderful experience that I plan to attend every year if I can. The environment, energy, and pure mass of people made it an exciting and social gathering that lasted most of the day. However, I don’t think that any other CICLAVIA experience will quite match the adventure that I was bestowed upon me on my first time.


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