LA Experience

Metropolis II

For my Los Angeles experience I chose to return to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, LACMA. And although I had already been to LACMA many times before, this day I came with a new task. I wasn’t going just to “see” the art that this museum has to offer. I came as a Landscape Architect searching for new concepts, ideas, and perspectives on design. When I first saw Chris Burden’s Metropolis II, I immediately appreciated how much time and work this must have taken. As a student in landscape architecture I know the value of time and how projects can be dragged on for long periods of time. This project looked like it took a very long time until it was ready for show.  I also took notice in how many parts and pieces that were joined to create one big kinetic sculpture. With so many different parts in this project, I started to think on what were some meanings behind roads, cars, trains, and buildings. All the roads could mean how Los Angeles was built on the idea of driving around and being in your car. The way the cars move quickly in some areas could be the free flowing freeways. When the cars get back up and move slowly could be the part of Los Angeles we are all well aware of, traffic. The tall buildings could showcase how cities like Los Angeles have many skyscrapers.  Chris Burden says the noise, continuous flow of the trains and speeding cars produce in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city. The concept of using noise or moving parts to emphasize a reason in my designs intrigues me. Maybe when designing a park or form of art like Burden’s I can produce some type with meaning behind it.


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