Los Angeles County Experience at Museam of Art (LACMA)



With the passage of time and expanding Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, I get feeling that some day, I shall have no time to visit the remarkable place properly. I have spent a long time in Los Angeles, but most memorable time for me is that I spent in LACMA. My feelings of art start before i enter in the museum, because of myriad of outdoor installations, involving Urban Light and Levitated Mass. Walinf by the La Brea Tar Pits is also very romantic and full of beauty. I have found a full multimedia experience in LACMA, and main source for this task is myriad of outdoor art in indoor spaces. Some of them are wavy gigantic piece, which was a tremendous piece by Richard Serra. I felt great in eye breath taking scenes of the museum by expediting music and video demonstrations at LACMA.

While expressing my experience at LACMA, I would like to mention three most beautiful things, which worth a watch. First one is, Claude Monet’s Collection. Moreover, it is a great artist and I have been his fan since I was in fifth grade, it was the time when was introduced by his work. The room of moment’s art in LACMA, belongs to beauty whether you are his fan or not. Second most mentionable piece of art, which I have seen in LACMA, is Pavilion for Japanese Art. A fabulous beauty it is. With its dim light sand twisted pathways, it makes it difficult to describe the beauty in words. While walking through the twisted paths, it becomes difficult for you to identify, which floor you are and it is perfectly amazing third floor of American’s building contain a huge collection of renowned art of America. On my visit to LACMA, I had seen this art for the first time, and every piece of work took my back to different centuries and decades, describing me the complete history of America in form of arts. One of the artwork called The Kentuckians is worth remembering and reason is not the centralized of the piece but the lightening effect used by the artist. If you have not visited it yet, I will recommend you to visit this heavenly place.


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