Making a Future a Plant at a Time.

My LA experience did not consist of a guided tour or a  trip to a prestigious museum, instead my LA experience was a hands on project that that brought life to a native garden on the campus of Clover Elementary School. From the minute I heard this project was going to be taking place I was highly interested in attending the event because I wanted to obtain hands on experience that I could learn from. Attending this event brought an experience that I can honestly say I learned something from.

When I left my home en route to Clover Elementary School I was excited to know what exactly I was going to do. As soon as I arrived to the destination I grabbed a shovel and began my learning experience. I must say that that I underestimated the amount of work that was required for such a small area. When I picked up the shovel and began to dig into the ditch I realized that it was a task that would require team effort  to complete successfully. As I was digging and trying to break off the highly compacted soil I was placing images in my mind of how the completed garden would look. After a couple hours of hard digging and shaping the ditch, a truck arrived that contained the native plant material. We all gathered up and around Gabrielle and listened to specific instructions on how and where to place the plant material. I learned very important and interesting facts regarding planting and making the plants thrive successfully. I learned about the depth and circumference  requirements for a plant to be successfully planted in the soil. I also learned that before you plant any plant material in the ground  you have to drain water in the hole at least 1 or 2 times before you insert the plant. This was interesting important facts that will help me in the future. While digging, placing plants and planting I paid close attention to the names of the plant material. I realized how important it is for a landscape architect to be able to have great plant identification skills.

When Gabrielle pulled out the floor plan of the garden, I got very excited because I had never actually followed a plan of anything. All the plans I have seen or worked on had been for a class, or places that I never got to actually see or work on. This made me feel like I was a landscape architect and I was very thrilled to continue working. Along the process of the garden I would hear terms and that I have heard in previous courses. I listened carefully and watched Gabrielle closely because I was thrilled by the idea of taking a simple sheet of paper and converting it to a live garden that would grow and thrive beautifully.

Although I was unable to stay and admire the finished garden, I left the school with a lot in mind. I left with content knowing that I was part of something the community will enjoy and learn from. I was amazed on how team work can achieve marvelous things. The plan was very well organized and all individuals that participated played a role in the development of the garden. Knowing that many children and families will enjoy of this landscape gives me a warm heart feeling. I was very please with attending this event and I am very proud to sat that I was part of the Cal Poly team!


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