Metropolis II

Metropolis II

Going to LACMA museum in Los Angeles  to see the  Metropolis II by Chris Burdon. I had heard about it by a classmate and was interested in going to see it. I took a look at some pictures posted on the internet. Once I knew what I could expect I was beginning to feel more interest in this installation. When I arrived all I could do is stare at this art masterpiece. The anticipation of viewing this was well worth it. It was far more interesting than what I had suspected.

Chris Burdon likes to push himself towards artistic impression. This masterpiece holds about 100,000 cars, circulating continuously. The art structure is 10 feet tall and 28 feet wide. This is the second Metropolis he has built; yet it is ten times bigger. It cost a remarkable amount of money to build it, yet it is already sold.

This is a very important piece of art.  I feel connected with this art piece since I live in the Los Angeles area. This is a portrait of Los Angeles and the vision of the modern city. Cars are going to control us, not us control cars. We are starting to do this with self moving cars. Only those who walk or use a bicycle know Los Angeles. It is somewhat scary how there are no people in this installation. It is like we are always in a rush and all we do is get in a car and go where it is we have to. We move at such a fast pace that this installation reminds me of how we are in the 21st century.

It is quite remarkable how something that looks so fun had a lot of planning time involved. It is also trying to give us a hint a warning if you will; to slow down. I really liked this installation because I went back in time feeling like a child. Without a doubt though one of the most attractive exhibition I could bring a friend to.



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