L.A. Experience: Smooth Matter



On Saturday May 4th I took a three hour bus trip to Los Angeles to visit the Mackey Garage Top.  Walking up to my destination, I had trouble finding the exhibition. The building itself did not look like a gallery but more of an ordinary home. It was not until I walk to the back that I find my true final destination. It was on the second floor up stairs. As I stand right in front of the entrance I see the room for the first time. It is smaller than I anticipated, all white with open windows at one side and square pictures up on the other remaining walls, a young woman at the opening of the entrance on her phone. I am greeted by the young woman and told I may walk around and see the pictures as I please.

The pictures are set up in pairs and all the pictures are of the same two surfaces. The first pair of images were in gray scale with black and purple lines. Then next set of pictures is in bright colors of blue, red, green and yellow. It seems like each color represents the incline of the surface. The next picture I was unsure of. It is a blurry gray type of picture differing in shades from white to dark gray. It may represent sound maybe. The next pair was an actual model showing. You’re able to see the density and the motion of the surface. The next pair is a set of lines on a transparent layers placed in front of the last 2 models giving it an almost three dimensional look to it. I was not very sure if I was supposed to see through these images to the models behind it but when I did I can see that the lines fit comfortably on top of the models. The last pair where of the same lines as the previous image but in 2D.

The woman did not have any knowledge of any of the images or the architects responsible for this exhibition when I asked and with that my visit was done in a short time. I left the gallery a little surprised at how short my experience was but still enjoyable. I saw one form in many different and abstract ways that analyzed the one form to its core which I can apply to my studies.


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