LA Experience: Floor of the Forest by Trisha Brown


There I was at the Hammer Museum I started off by getting there early because I did not wan to miss the show. The show was Floor of the Forest by Trisha Brown. When I first got there I was not really sure where I was going so I walked around, knowing I was early I was in no rush. I came upon this structure that was sitting in the middle of this sitting area, the structure was made up of a steel pipe frame sitting above the ground on legs with rope strung across to make a grid pattern. From the rope was hanging bright clothing that one could see people wearing everyday. It confused me at first because it just looked so different. But then these two girls came out and got on top of the structure and started to get into the clothing. And from the ground the bar on the top made a clear line, a datum line. As the girls moved from clothing to clothing they move above and below this line and when hanging in the clothes were at different levels below the line. When the performers were in the clothes they just lied there with, what looked like, their eyes closed and then stay there for a few seconds just hanging there. It was very interesting watching them move from the clothing because the order of the clothing they lied in appeared to be a specific way but at the same time looked random. Also while moving between the clothing they struggled to get into some of the clothes so it really appeared to emphasize the balance between the top and bottom of the datum line. 


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