Clover Elementary School Garden Project


On Saturday May 18, 2013, I decided to volunteer in the garden being designed and built in Clover Elementary. As I volunteer I thought it wasn’t going to be that much since two days before other fellow classmates had gone before to work in there. I really like outdoor activities, that is way I got into this field. I work as a gardener all of my life here in the U.S. and have done some landscaping works, so I thought it would be a piece of cake. Yet to my surprise it wasn’t even close. There weren’t many tools around to work on the compacted soil. The terrain was so dry it was hard to work on some spots. I don’t mind hard work at all, but with not the right tools it is even more back breaking. We arrived early morning for a good experience of transforming something that look dull and unexciting to something more appealing and native. Once the plants were planted in it already started to look better, but once we were done putting the mulch, everything looks so much better. I really like how mulch makes objects poop out. It gives the soil other colors and thus makes the plants around it look better. Mulching is one of the things I like the most when i plant shrubs and flowers. It totally changes the way how things look and it dissolves with time, sun and water. Of course only if it is natural, unlike the tire chips that they tried to make into a better use, which created a lot of heat and killed plants. I really enjoy working with other classmates and upper class men, it feels nice doing stuff for small kids. It is amazing how something small can change how the land looks. I would volunteer again if needed. It is actually better than sitting down on a room for three or 4 hrs. Overall I learned some new things and like how we can do a difference in this world with our abilities to design boring, unattractive spaces into something so much better. Hope it happens again. I’m always up for it.

  1. Emelio, thanks for all the time and energy you have contributed to Clover Elementary school both planting and painting – your impact will be felt by a lot of people of all ages.

    • emecastillo said:

      You’re very welcome Mrs. Rennie, I really enjoy this kind of activities, any time you got more projects and if I have free time I would be more than happy to help out and learn more of what’s out there. I really like how the garden is coming along and learn from other students projects and ideas. Thank You!

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