Amber Urena

I attended a play called “All Shook Up” that not only showcased amazing theatre but also incorporated dancing and music. It was a professional play held in a theatre at Cal State Fullerton and was put on by students in the theatre department. Theatre in itself uses expression to get the point across through acting, singing, and dancing they are able to tell a story. Through form, lighting and set design you are able to get a very clear realistic image of where the play is supposed to take place and also what time period it is set in. The use of light showcased the lead actor and also created shadow. Looking at the layout of the stage I noticed that they also used light in order to create color. I noticed that not only was it used to showcase the forms already on stage, but it was also used to create different colors on stage. Light was not only directed to the front of the stage but also to the audience in order to create a much more dramatic feeling. Form was not only seen in the structure of the set but also in the formations made by the actors on stage. Using their bodies as structures to create a certain formation helps the audience to visually understand what is going on throughout the play. Also their use of set design helped to set the tone of the play. The play was supposed to be set in the 1950’s and in a small conservative town. They used vintage pieces of furniture as well as costumes in order to set the tone and time period of the play. With all of the effects that were used I found the play to be very visually stimulating and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Ken Smith was born and raised in Waukee, Iowa and went on and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Landscape architecture in 1976 from Iowa State University. After working for different companies for a few years he decided to open his own office in New York City in 1992. Smith is best known for his work on the rooftop garden on the top of New York’s museum of modern art, where he incorporated recycled materials into his design, making it much more sustainable. Smith was chosen to design a park in Irvine California that combined sustainable design with healthful and active living. This particular project is 1,347 acres and is going to not only serve as a park but also a place to live, shop, and learn. Smith envisioned a place that would function as the heart of the town. When smith began brainstorming for this project he drew inspiration from different sources, such as Balboa Park in San Diego, recycled materials, and sustainable practices. The park features a large orange helium filled balloon that offers the opportunity to get an overall view of entire project and a true feel for the atmosphere in which Orange County Great Park creates.

Heading up to the fallen star you first notice that it looks just like any other small suburban home, it’s inviting and colorful and has a tiny white door. As you start to walk towards the house you notice that it is slightly off balance. You don’t think much of it at first until you enter into the inside of it. Once I was inside of the house I noticed that everything looked just like it would in any other cozy home. Nice couch, family photos, and even a fireplace are there to put you at ease.  I began to walk around the house in order to get a better look at the things inside of it and was all of a sudden overcome with the feeling of confusion and disorientation. For some reason everything should have been very soothing but when I looked out the window and realized that I was no longer on the ground I felt trapped then when I turned around and looked back at the inside of the house I felt dizzy. I then took a step outside and felt grounded. When heading out of the original building I looked up at the house again and discovered that the falling star is not my home and I found it to be a bizarre but interesting experience. While walking towards the fallen star you are overcome with a sense of home. You feel like you are exactly where you should be. You are consumed with simple garden flowers, lovely green grass, inviting lawn chairs, and an inviting house. The minute the door opens you instantly feel a sense of off balance. When you walk into the house you instantly feel disoriented almost like you cannot get a grasp on yourself and your feelings. You feel like you are home but there is still a sense of confusion and misjudgment. There is also a large sense of distortion when standing in the house because it is not completely on balance and there are several things that just look off balance. The number one thing that really caught my attention was the light fixture hanging in the center of the homes living room. It is the only thing in the entire house that is completely straight and on balance. When you look at it almost feels like it is more off balance than anything else in the house. The entire house in itself is completely deceiving. There are different places you can stand and look taller or shorter based on what you are standing next to and which way you are looking. When you leave the house you feel almost a sense of relief because you have been brought back to a center. You can focus yet again and you do not feel overwhelmed with emotion and confusion. When you look back at the house you are yet again reminded of home then remember the sense of insecurity you feel when you are heading back there.

I found that the most interesting figure ground series I had was the ones of myself. Not only did it create the most interesting image but I also felt that the way the photos were taken give you a different perspective on how you look when you are taking pictures but also that you are at times a very large part of the space you are trying to consume. You get a much better overall grasp of your personal interaction with the space rather the object you think is consuming the space.