Armand Guzman

The alternate field trip location that I chose to visit was the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. I was accompanied to the gardens by a friend to make the overall experience more enjoyable. We had a stroke of good fortune as we entered the garden when a woman approached us and handed us members passes for the day. So, we able to enter the gardens free of charge. My friend and I walked into the gardens and decided to begin with the desert and African portion of the Botanical Gardens. This area was full of cacti and exotic plants that are able to thrive in a hot and dry climate. Contrary to what I had expected, many of plants we large and quite beautiful. The variety of spiky plants and odd shaped trees was also quite astonishing. After approximately a half hour of taking pictures and walking through this portion of the garden we noticed the surrounding scenery slowly transforming. At this point during our trip we realized that the garden was a “buffet” of plants from all around the world. The garden is split up into sections, which encapsulate certain portions of the world. The next area of the garden that we visited was the Japanese Gardens. This garden is marked by tall bamboo and delicate flowers. As we worked our way through the impressive landscape, which included plants from Australia, Colombia, and China, we continued to snap pictures and enjoy the unique plants. However, as the park came to a close, at 4:30, we found ourselves far from the entrance, and quite lost. We had somehow walked ourselves off the public portion of the gardens and into private property. We were able to get back to my car when a park employee picked us up in a golf cart and treated us to a small tour through the scenic route back to my vehicle.