Eric Duenas

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Los Angeles has a way to attract people and this is shown wherever you go. On April 27th, wast he first time I volunteered for EnrichLA along with two other 3rd year students from Cal Poy, Denise and Jimmy. That day was a great experience due to being allowed to work outside and to create a garden for the students and staff and parents. a lot of volunteeres showed up at various times but I had excited to work on this garden that I had gotten there at 7:30, an hour and a half before the working was planned out for. I helped Tomas (one in charge of EnrichLA) with whatever task he asked for.

The time came when most volunteers had shown up and we were split up into sections because this garden was pretty big. I was held responsible for the dry lake that measured 18 inches deep with a width of 5 feet and length of almost 10 feet. The dry lake was set up next to the pathway by the entrance of the school through this garden side. The tree provides shade for the lake and although no water is in it, it’s intention is to set a relaxing mood by just looking at it and allow runoff water to go when it rains.

The lake was not all I worked on. Tomas once again seeing me as a leader that day, he partnered me up with an engineer, carpenter and Jimmy Ta to create horse fence in 3 different sections. The fence allowed a barrier in to what to see and it was so simple. The fence itself although siple, can create something significant and can change the way something is used and observed. Jimmy was the one using the nail gun, but then I was asked if I wanted to try. I have never used a nailgun before but I have seen my dad use it and teach me how it works so I was not that unfamiliar with the tool. In a way,I was asked to be next to use it since Jimmy seemed unprofessional and held the gun in a dangerous way that may have caused himself and other to be injured if it slipped. The experience of using this strong tool was so exciting, it had so much power and it got things done a lot faster than just a hammer and nail and screws.

At the end of the day, the garden was a success. Finished it all at 5 and the garden looked beautiful, from the picnic tables under the tree surrounded by edible plants on the north and a cactus on the east and to the south the dry lake. The garden also included a remodelation of the plant beds on the other side of the pathway each with new irrigation by them to be watered when recommended since the existing garden was completely dead due to no irrigation placed. Seeing a garden be brought back is a nice thing to see and be part of. I have told Tomas that I am available to help whenever another event comes up and I look forward for helping out again.



This project known as Centre Georges Pompidou was named after George Pempidou who was president during 1969 to 1974.

This architecture style is modern but Richard Rogers as well as Renzo Piano and others, decided to give the building some character. With the structure exposing what lies beneath the walls of a structure, this project was awarded in an architectural design competition for it’s skeleton revealing indoor as well as outdoor of the building.

The location of this project is in France after it’s completion in 1977, Richard Rogers won a reputation as a high-tech iconoclast.

The interesting thing about this project is that the colors all have a purpose and are not just thrown out there to give it some color. Each color represents what the human needs to be aware of. The red representing devices for safety, blue for climate control, green as the plumbing, and yellow as for lighting.

The form of the building clearly fits the function. This simple box shaped design allows the people in France to know that inside, a volume of people exchange an experience with one another. Socializing as well as culture exchange lie inside this Modern Art Museum and it allowed public space to take place since the area it is located only buildings and streets are seen.


Near Aconcagua

This mountain is located near the mountain of Aconcagua. The beauty of time reveals a snow covered mountain giving it a unique characteristic but when it isn’t covered in snow, it looks like any ordinary mountain with stacks of rocks.

20130419_103429This captured my attention since it deals with an abandoned railway of an elevated train and converted into a sundeck for people to gather around and chill. This pedestrian park was fought for and it gave the people an environment where a lot of ecology and sustainability takes place in order to have this project up and running.20130419_103920This small garden in a pedestrian zone acts like an actual garden. Benches are placed next to a building with plastic planter tubs that allowed the area to be a place of meeting, hanging out and showplace. It gives an experience of being in a garden without ever leaving the environment of a

Blog #4 I took time to observe the art through the museum in LACMA to see what it has to offer. It wouldn't be my first time at the museum but there is always something new to experience when you observe the area or look for something beyond the art. I specifically wanted to look for something that had great significance that did not have anything boring about it. I first started off in the Egyptian gallery in the Hammer Building but nothing stood out that had to do with landscape. So I moved on and saw various straw looking things dangling from a support that allowed people walk through the straw creating this yellow water feature feeling through your skin but even then, it wasn't enough to make me feel anything different. As i moved into the Ahmanson Building again nothing captured my attention. I mean besides the art displayed it has a lot to show regarding the techniques and poetry it represent, but nothing assosciated with landscape except for some ancient art but the art just had no significance. At last, at the end of the searching I entered the outside world, where i came across a huge boulder. I observed it, felt little, but once again NOTHING. I finally started my way to the car and as I made my way from the back of the Resnick Pavillion towards Wilshire Blvd. I came across to what I have always enjoyed watching. The Urban Lights that stood up bold and tall with various heights stood between the street and I. It for sure is an obstacle but the funny thing is I always pass by it, enjoy it, but it always gives me this feeling like it is the first time i walk through it. I took a picture where the moon was shown right next to the post by the angle I was looking at the sky. The gradient sky of light blue to a darken shade of blue sure was a contrast compared to the dark posts. The view was sure something to remember and it allowed me to reflect a little that had to do with time in a way. During the day the lights are off but as the day passes, the lights turn on, bring the posts to life with the flow of people and the brightness of the top of the posts. These posts, although simple creates a sort of reflection of life to me allowing it to be something significant to me. Blog #3 Unfortunately i was not able to attend the San Diego trip, but i took the opportunity to visit LACMA. The art is so fascinating but in this assignment i looked beyond the art and observed the landscape. The posts outside of LACMA are iconic for most people and it gives every person a different idea of what is going on. I enjoyed this view of the moon next to the posts standing bold and high with the reflection of the other lights surrounded. The contrast between the post and the sky give an awesome view to look at with the light right in the center signifying the life of these posts. To me it shows life and death, the beginning of life which is the post coming from the ground, to the life we live symbolized by the light, to the sky that symbolizes the afterlife. Like i said we all have our own respective and to me this image is pretty siiiik.