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With the passage of time and expanding Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, I get feeling that some day, I shall have no time to visit the remarkable place properly. I have spent a long time in Los Angeles, but most memorable time for me is that I spent in LACMA. My feelings of art start before i enter in the museum, because of myriad of outdoor installations, involving Urban Light and Levitated Mass. Walinf by the La Brea Tar Pits is also very romantic and full of beauty. I have found a full multimedia experience in LACMA, and main source for this task is myriad of outdoor art in indoor spaces. Some of them are wavy gigantic piece, which was a tremendous piece by Richard Serra. I felt great in eye breath taking scenes of the museum by expediting music and video demonstrations at LACMA.

While expressing my experience at LACMA, I would like to mention three most beautiful things, which worth a watch. First one is, Claude Monet’s Collection. Moreover, it is a great artist and I have been his fan since I was in fifth grade, it was the time when was introduced by his work. The room of moment’s art in LACMA, belongs to beauty whether you are his fan or not. Second most mentionable piece of art, which I have seen in LACMA, is Pavilion for Japanese Art. A fabulous beauty it is. With its dim light sand twisted pathways, it makes it difficult to describe the beauty in words. While walking through the twisted paths, it becomes difficult for you to identify, which floor you are and it is perfectly amazing third floor of American’s building contain a huge collection of renowned art of America. On my visit to LACMA, I had seen this art for the first time, and every piece of work took my back to different centuries and decades, describing me the complete history of America in form of arts. One of the artwork called The Kentuckians is worth remembering and reason is not the centralized of the piece but the lightening effect used by the artist. If you have not visited it yet, I will recommend you to visit this heavenly place.



Frank Gehry the one who is born in Canada in 1929 has been one of the most famous designers in the world. Various magnificent architecture projects that have made a landmark in the world have been credited to his amazing work. With all this credentials Frank has become one of the most sought after designer. Some of the projects that have made top ranks in the words architecture scene include Vitra Museum and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. His recent architectural work includes the proposed New Jersey Nets. Apart from making a change in the architectural world Frank has also majored in furniture design giving the best as he always in that field. Having studied architecture at the University of Southern California and later majoring for a year in Harvard Graduate School of Design, he established his own office of architecture in 1962 in Los Angeles where he started his change in the architectural world. He introduced the Easy Edge chair series which he constructed using cardboard. Around 1980’s he made a comeback in the furniture industry where he designed Experimental Edges furniture abased on the previous raw materials (lamented cardboard), this was in contradiction with the previous designers who used iron and other industrial products.

He later developed the famous Cross Check series for Knoll international in the 1990’s,  his design in the production of chairs and tables used wooden apple crates with no needed additional support among other materials being one of the unique designs ever. In 2004 he ended his contact with Emeco where he created the spectacular Super light Chair a design that has received amazing embracement from every corner of the world. This work gives a glimpse of the amazing and uniqueness in the architectural world. Frank has made a made a glamorous change in the worlds architectural scene with great innovations leading to emergence of user-friendly products. The raw materials that he uses to design and produce his products are normally very cost effective and environmental friendly making the furniture industry more spectacular. His work portrays not only a talented prowess but also a dedication towards producing the best he has received numerous awards such as the 1989 Pritzker Prize.  Frank will always be a legend in the architecture design with his work being great inspiration to the architectural world.




Urban Landscape, Xurret System & Pep,

Designer/Year: Abalos & Herreros 2004

Benches are hard scape art that resembles organic shapes of nature.



Nou Barris Park

Designer/Year: Arriola & Fiol Arquitectes, 1992

It’s land art that amplifies abstraction.



Pause, giant deck chairs.

designer/Year: Nip Paysage, 2004

Art larger than life and when the kid went to land of giants.


Blog Post # 4

In the laboratories the vertical ducts of the Richards Building have been turned on their sides, housed in the hollows of spanning box girders and vented from huge hoods at the flanks of the building.  The pre-cast units of structure have thus continued to become larger as the crane can lift them.

The institute manifests beauty of mind and act; of the resolution and articulation of the major elements of the building…being what it wants to and needs to be, to the precise detail and execution of beautiful concrete surfaces   Even the component of structure derives from the need to enclose specific spaces, specifically and pertinently, rather than offer a general envelope within which specific space might then be designated.

Two parallel laboratories, each an uninterrupted 65 foot wide and 245 feet long and encircled by a perimeter corridor, flank a central court.  The support elements to these totally flexible spaces are placed in a peripheral relationship to this corridor.  They are the studies and offices for scientist, fractured in profile and vertical in rhythm, which line this central court, connected by bridges to the perimeter corridor and receiving views of the ocean by virtue of exterior walls angles toward it.

The buildings each have six stories, with the first three floors containing laboratories and the last three with utilities. These spaces are connected to protruding towers that contain spaces for individual studies linked with bridges. The towers at the east end of the buildings contain heating, ventilating, and other support systems while at the west end the towers are six floors of offices that all face the Pacific ocean, providing a warm tranquil setting for concentration. The separation of the laboratories and the individual study spaces was intended by Kahn, establishing the different activities.

Blog Post # 3

This is my favorite architectural site in San Diego. Very modern with a lot of concrete. The setting is magnificent, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The fact that it is one of the world’s premier science labs adds to the aura. For any  designer or landscape architect, this is a great place ,to walk through. It is a stunning piece of architecture and fascinating structure and central plaza  simplicity of form and materials make this a classic architectural gem.

The Salk Institute is a private, non-profit, research organization dedicated to fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, studying…